High Society is a mid- to low-quality porno mag. Its content overlaps a bit with Celebrity Skin, in that it generally prints a section containing grainy pictures and vidcaps of scantily-clad famous people. Unlike CS, High Society does have normal pictorials, but they're just not very good. As another reviewer noted, their models seem to be fluffers--washed-up porn stars and strippers who can't really make it in the business anymore, but are desperate for a few last dollars to support their drug habit or unwanted child. Presumably, the publishers are hoping that the readers will focus on the bumping of uglies and won't look at the women more closely.

Unfortunately, all the makeup and airbrushing in the world can't hide the fundamental vileness of these women. Their eyes are so heavily slathered with eyeshadow that they look bruised and beaten. Their breasts are fake--obviously fake. Stubble and razor burn mar even the best closeup penetration shots. In a recent issue, they made the inexcusable decision to publish a guy-girl pictorial with Belladonna. This poor woman is a hideously trashy starlet who looks something like a cheaper Pamela Anderson with black hair and no implants; her sole talent consists of her ability to look like she actually enjoys cumshots (no mean feat, to be sure, but rather sad as well).

I was so turned off by most of the pictures that I found myself looking at the video order forms instead. When the ads are hotter than the pictorials, you know the mag's got a problem. Stick with Cheri or Swank instead; High Society only shows the women that the better mags cast aside.

Pictorials: 5-7
Women: trashy and fake
Penetration: plenty
Lesbian: 1-2 per issue
Guy/Girl: 1-2 per issue
Group: 0-1 per issue
Fetish: none
know_no_bounds's rating: * *