Hawk is also one of the better porno mags available today. It calls itself "the world's best hardcore teen sex magazine," and it's absolutely right: no other magazine offers such lovely women in such explicit poses. (LIVE young Girls, Hawk's sister magazine, often comes close but doesn't quite achieve the same heights, and Tight often contains hotter women but never shows penetration.)

Each issue of Hawk features 6 to 8 pictorials of young, cute girls. I use the word "cute" deliberately--you won't find the steamy porn queens of other magazines, nor will you see the painfully fake teens that plague such mags as Barely Legal. Instead, you'll be greeted with perky young lasses who smile sweetly as they caress their breasts or slide their panties aside to give you a glimpse of their treasures. Some solo pictorials are softcore, but most of them eventually ease into hardcore, so you'll be treated to the sight of a beautiful girl taking a young man to the hilt or slipping a dildo deep inside. Granted, the penetration pictorials aren't quite as explicit as those in Cheri, but they're excellent nonetheless.

As a bonus, Hawk also intersperses two special sections between the pictorials: Panty Raid shows a handful of closeups of women pulling down their pants or lifting up their skirts to reveal their undies, and Smoothies shows about a dozen crotch shots of women with fully shaved pubic hair. Overall, it's one of the top teen sex mags out there.

Pictorials: 6-8
Girls: young, natural, cute
Penetration: common; penis, dildo, sometimes tongue or finger
Lesbian: 0-2 per issue
Guy/Girl: 1-2 per issue
Group: rare
Fetish: occasional wet-and-messy/food pictorials
know_no_bounds's rating: * * * * *