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Do it because you want to, not because you have to.
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E2 was constructed on Oct. 14, 1993, in an unknown Wal-Mart franchise. Yet E2 is everywhere, anywhere, all the time. E2 appears as choice E, number 2, on little Scantron sheets in your nearby Math or Computer Science class. Heck, E is the new C. Fill it in, right NOW, for you have been warned.

In fact, this ubiquitous creature is also known as The Savior, fighting crimes and solving homework problems. R2E2 represents the upcoming robot/world dominance by leaving subliminal messages in snowdrifts and behind unused SmartBoards. If you peek under your desk, you might even find 'E2' scribbled amongst the colorful collection of chewed bubblegums.

And while not reading textbooks for fun (wait, reading? scratch that: torrenting), E2 creates amazing graphic art and would like to redo your face on PhotoShop. (JK ILY, RLY!) E2 also inspires other people to create hope, light-lines, ice creams, and raw love. However, 7.3890561 .. doesn't like barking dogs, bitchy friends, or misaligned Post-it Notes. Be careful when approaching DEJ2 with the above items in hand.

Anyway, 22 is currently roaming through the streets of Toronto, with the latest iPod (4th gen), dodging cars and flying Justin-shoes. If you happen to catch sight of E2, please graffiti a nearby wall (preferably not yours) with a notice saying 'E2 wuz here.' Thank you.