I had a dollar in change when I came in to work today, intending to buy a Mountain Dew which would sufficiently caffeinate me until my boss made the day's pot of coffee. Little did I know...

I put some change in the "Cold Drinks" machine. All is good until I notice: I don't hear the change hitting the coin container. Crap. Throw the rest of them in there, hoping to force them all down at once. Silence. I hit the coin return. Nothing plink-plinked down. But a dime was sitting in there waiting for me. Bang the coin return again. Get a shiny disc back. Repeat a few times. Growl. Nowhere on the machine did it have a "Contact ... for problems and comments" sticker. Well, crap. That was this morning.

Just before 4 PM, I realize I need something more than Nutella and bread to feed me. Skittles, perhaps? A Snickers? Let's see! Onwards to the vending area... Throw my 65 cents in there, hit E5 for the Runts.. whirrrr goes the little spiraly gadget.. and it sticks. I have no more change to throw in. I spent all my bills on sandwiches yesterday. There is no sticker on this machine, either, to get my money back.

Tomorrow: Shall I tackle the remaining opponent, Mr. Coke Machine? Tune in tomorrow... same Knile-time, same Knile-channel.