It's quite simple really. Picture this, you and some member of the opposite sex wish to 'get your groove on', now music is always good to have on, the radio is not good as it will go from one song to the next by many different artists and some my just ruin the mood. This is where the record album comes in, the record album is slightly better then the radio as you can have control over which artist and songs are played while you do IckyThingstm, but only for a short period of time then you have to listen to the *hissss*THUNK*THUNK*hisssssss*THUNK*THUNK*hisssss* when you run out of record. Also not good.

Now the compact disc comes in, and you can select just which songs off of an album you want to hear and you can repeat them in order or in a somewhat random order for as long as you want. This is great for those of us who take our time doing IckyThingstm. As we can have music for as long as we want without fear of something to kill the mood coming on like with the radio. Vinyl sounds better, but CDs are better for handin out the sweet sweet lovin.