April 13, 5:50pm

So I ended up driving around with Eric and Chris looking for houses for Chris to think about buying even though she is not really trying to buy a house. It's been a somewhat interesting afternoon so far. Trying to put off dragging Dee down here, trying to put off talking with Kir.

Car dealerships, The Butcher Barn, a place to get some tires, signs from the 70's trying to sell me 'sofas, sofas, sofas'. Man, Parkville is freaking weird.

Speaking of german, speaking of exs, speaking of exs that speak german.

Talking about people who wish they were ever in the position to become an ex. Man that one is nuts.

Did you hear who she slept with?
No, she didn't sleep with him.
Are you sure? She has slept with everyone else we know.

Jobs jobs jobs.........Everyone I know needs one or has one. Where does that leave me? I don't want one at all. I'm actually kind of getting used to this not having any place to be, any where to go. It's a nice break from the working full time or more that I have been doing since I was sixteen. I don't want to work any more. I don't. I want to be a kid. I never really was. I want to not have to do anything if I really don't want to. I want to not HAVE to work. I want to be a freaking KID again. Wait, not again. I want to be a kid for the first time. I grew up way too fast and missed my chance at being a kid. I think I'm gonna have a go at it now. I don't think that is too wrong of me. I'm looking at my chance I'm gonna take it. I'm gonna be more mature, but I'm makin a go at being a child. This is confusing, this whole figuring out how to be a kid thing. I'm sure I'll get it right soon enough. *bounce*