Seven years ago today, my son was born.

My wife and I had discussed with the doctor ahead of time that I was going to cut the umbilical cord. It was only fitting that I was involved in the start of the whole process that I should be involved in the end.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity to say something memorable at that moment, I racked my brain for a few weeks ahead of the event looking for something to say. I came up with "You're on your own now". I'm cutting the cord, breaking the physical bond between mother and son. You know, "on his own" breathing, blood supply, etc. Witty, Terse. I was sure to have the labor room in hysterics.

There we were. Labor was intense. Birth was incredible. We made a little person. I remember him, all of 10 seconds old, lying on his mother's belly. The doctor pressed a pair of scissors in my hand so that I could cut the umbilical cord. I readied my cheesy words. One quick snip with the scissors and it was done. My son was about to hear me clean and clear for the first time. These would be the words that would chart the rest of his life...

"I love you."