I took the wife to see Matchbox Twenty last night. Not really my cup of tea, but she seemed to really enjoy it, and that's what matters.

The bands in order of appearance:

  • Lifehouse - Good sound. I'm not familiar with their songs, but for an opening act, they got a good crowd response.
  • Everclear - Very tight band. I recognized some songs from the radio. Should be a headline act themselves. They had a drummer and a percussionist. The two of them were very good together and they had a very driving and forceful sound.
  • Matchbox Twenty - As I said, not really my sort of band, but they did have talent. Their albums always sound overproduced to me. They were able to loosen things up a bit for a live show. I have a new respect for Rob Thomas. He gave a brief explanation for the reasons behind some of the songs and they really seemed to come from the heart. That dude can also whip up a crowd of women into a frenzy. I kept hearing girls scream, "I wanna fuck Rob". Like Rob said, "Not bad work if you can find it".

It was a good time. Had to drive home in the snow storm, but that just gave my wife and I more time together. Awwww.