Got back from DFW this morning. You can tell you've had a bad day when you spend more time travelling than you do working.

My flight from DFW to PIT was delayed by half an hour. That, of course, gave me about 15 minutes to make my connecting flight from PIT to CAK. After hoofing it from gate B45 to gate E21, a distance of several hundred miles, I assure you, I found out that my flight from PIT to CAK was cancelled. Shit. After questioning a US Airways employee, I found out I was to be bussed to CAK. Last time I checked, I had signed up for a plane ride. Note the name: US Airways. If I wanted to take a fscking bus, I would have gone Greyhound. After a much shorter walk, I found the curb where the bus would be picking us lucky people up.

The bus did not leave PIT until after the plane that we should have been on would have landed. Given the top speed of the bus seemed to be about 45 mph, the trip from PIT to CAK took about two hours. Given the time spend waiting for the bus and the time on the bus, it took me less time to get from DFW to PIT than it did to get from PIT to CAK.

Turns out that the flight was cancelled due to high winds at CAK. The airlines had nothing but our saftey in mind, so this is a good thing.

I finally did make it home, and I felt so much better when I walked in the door. Best of all, my wife had to leave early today, so I got to get my son ready for school and get him on the bus. We managed to get some playtime in between breakfast and his bus which gave both of us a good start to the day. :)