Well, I can safely add one more item to the list of stupid things I've done.

Our story starts Christmas Day, 2000. My lovely wife got me Lego Mindstorms. With all the restraint of a six year old, I tore open the box and started looking at the pieces. After a quick visual scan, I noticed I was missing a piece. No biggie. I'll just take it back to the store and exchange it. We were leaving for Florida in a few days, so it would have to wait until we got back.

Fast forward to this last weekend. I finally got around to pulling the Mindstorms box off the shelf and taking another look at it. I was doing a quick check of the contents to make sure all the pieces that were there at Christmas time where still there. Poking around a bit, I lifted the RCX out of the box for the first time. Of course, the piece that I thought was missing was hidden under the RCX.

I felt just like Grover at the end of The Monster at the end of this Book.

Oh, I am so embarrased...