Pogo the Monkey is a make-believe product, made by the developers of Grand Theft Auto III. The advertisement for the "product" is featured quite prolifically in the radio stations that play while playing GTA3.

Pogo the Monkey is "the great new video game character for the whole family. He's got fur, a tail AND springs for legs! Help Pogo escape from the research laboratory." Using your banana cannon, you "play through tons of levels - killing scientists and becoming President of The United States!"

Interestingly, the advertisements played while playing indicate a web site - www.pogothemonkey.com - which does exist (last checked 11 June 2002) - and doesn't explain the origins of this funky item ^_^.

DoubleD informs me that, if you listen to the Chatterbox radio station in GTA3, a mother calls up complaining about her son playing Pogo too much - to the point where he actually built a REAL banana cannon and began bombarding the neighbours! I haven't played GTA3 THAT much yet - I seem to be prone to wasting myself within the first five minutes of new areas :D