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21, single, from austria not australia
I like games especially quake and various others.
I work as a programmer using java. In my spare freetime I read books. At the moment Terry Pratchett ond some others. I use to surf around on the net. Try to get information from slashdot. I used to love the demoscene, but thats quite some time ago. I'm member of the gryps project, that is going to be an online rpg with nice 3d graphics and cool ai. We're still looking for 3d artists, so if you think you want to contribute, just drop me a line.
I like The Matrix and maybe Fight Club used to love Star Wars and watch Star Trek every once in a while.
When I come home I usually eat and drink some water. Then I start my pc and might run moretv to watch premiere. oh my god I might be evil. who cares.
I hear trance, techno, ambient, and some mainstream.
I love the tv-serie Ally McBeal that is fun and emotions