I fear I have become what I always dreaded: flighty. I fall for a different person almost weekly now, the sweetest faces I know, my thoughts occupied for most of my spare time. As if being terribly shy in the face of a crush isn't bad enough, now it's complicated by wondering if I'll even feel this way 10 days from now. What a unkind thing to lead someone on just to decide that this isn't quite right after all, but thanks for playing!

There's a girl in choir, her hair is dark brown with beautiful blonde streaks (natural, I'm assuming). Somehow, though I can't figure out why, my passion for Bach always leads me to adore this girl. She stands right in front of me, a few rows ahead, and I can hear her beautiful, pure voice when we sing Bach. So I've drawn some sort of crazy connection whereby admiring Bach's music progresses to thoughts of her. It's all very bizzare.

Tonight this choir performed in a mostly faculty concert of all Bach. It was very good. I turned pages for my organ teacher when he played first Harpsichord for one of the Brandenburg Concertos, and then organ, the Prelude and Fugue in E-flat Major. The choir sang last, performed a two-choir motet Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf. We performed well.

Now it's the weekend. I could find myself on Monday cursing myself for getting nothing done over the weekend, or proud at all I accomplished. It will probably be somewhere in between, though sadly it will probably be closer to the former.