I could not possibly be happier with the way this election is turning out. Both George "love me, I'm an everyday guy" Bush and Al "bow to my intellect" Gore are being humbled beyond belief, highlighting the fact that not too many people really like either one of them. To think that the winner will have been chosen by a margin of a few thousand votes, not to mention that congress is split almost exactly down the middle sets up the scene perfectly for a Federal government that can get absolutely nothing done.

Furthermore, if Bush wins the presidency, but loses the popular vote, like it seems will happen, it will hopefully be enough to make John Doe indignant that the electoral college is still in existence. It's amazing how interested America becomes when the election resembles a horse race.

It occured to me that E2 has eliminated my need to create a personal web page. All the outlet I sought in creating a home page I find here instead: knowledge I want to share, opinions I want to express--hell, I could put all my personal info and contact information and my PGP public key on my homenode, and I wouldn't need a home page at all!

Wow, that's a really interesting idea. Home nodes, as they stand right now, aren't terribly well suited to be someone's home page--too much of the information there wouldn't make sense to people not familiar with E2 (Level, number of writeups, the epicenter, etc). But what if you could somehow customize your home node, or have a second home node that would be designed for dispensing as your personal home page? I'll have to think some more about this, and maybe write the idea up in it's own node later on...