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i am an evolved child of the world. i need to begin again-a new start, yes. i love with passion and fierocity. quick too. time for a change-continue to evolve, and unfurl, create, teach, sculpt, and learn. i have very little money, lots of time and AM quite rich in the world. sunshine, generous, spirit, living creatures, the elements too. i hunger to become me- a plant unfolding, clinging, climbing, opening in the earth. i dwell here. i travel, i eat, i drink, and make love. all the children of the world under my wing-blessed are we........................

blessing abound and there is no end-recognize, rejoice, spin dizzy. wine and bread. bread and too. and the harvest-don't forget. please don't forget. never forget-remember who you are and celebrate. you were born-so you are alive. live it, know it, share it. enter into dialectical exchange. gimbol. exchange. fair are you.