Although Arctic Circle had the best special sause for fries and hamburgers, and in the olden days had a Chicken mascot on the paper car-box covering their rectangle-shaped cherry pie, I do miss the old Hereford-faced burger place, Herfy’s.

Yes, it was a white-faced bull Hereford, and unpolled as I recall.

Mine was near the old Tower Mall and Pizza Hut in Vancouver, Washington.

The Wacky Burger Boxes, with toys in a box, was around back in 1975…BEFORE the McDonald’s Happy Meal*cough*theft!

They did have something special for all ages...They had a covered long bar, like a salad bar, but just of condiments, like pickles and relish and onions and tomatoes, ketchup and mustard and mayonaise and, I think, even horseradish sause...that YOU put on the dry burger…as much of whatever you liked and nothing you didn’t…thus a perfect burger every time!

I wish other companies did that! mom's place is one last box, which I filled in the late 70's with Washington seashells...minus the coupon for the free cone of course!