There was also a lesser known "Vehicle Voltron". This was a Voltron made up of 15 vehicles that would come together much like the five lions. The show had a plot about the overpopulated Galaxy Alliance vs. the rival Drule (Druuhl?) empire (which was also seeking new planets for conquest.) Supposedly this series had a deeper, less formulaic plot than the lion version (one lion gets hurt; lions get butt kicked by Robeast, missing lion shows up, lions form Voltron, Voltron gets butt kicked, Voltron forms sword and slices through Robeast) but most kids didn't get to see much of this series, this noder included.

There are some hints within the new series that the Vehicle Voltron was built based on plans or ideas of the Lion Voltron. Despite this (and presumably based more on design of the toys rather than the cartoon) Vehicle Voltron is often referred to as "Voltron I" and Lion Voltron as "Voltron III" (An even more obscure Voltron is "Voltron II" or Gladiator Voltron, where three humanoid robots combine into one 6 armed warrior.)

There was one special two-part episode "Fleet of Doom" where Lion Voltron and Vehicle Voltron fought side by side.