During class today I was looking at my home computer with VNC. I was chatting on AIM. But then something happened today, I typed to a friend,

we should hang out some time btw, life is too dull with out annoying you.

This is a line that I sent my friend. Yes it is bad English. Yes it is odd. The reason it struck me as perfect though is that it is an interesting line that explains something I never was able to say before. Many of my friends and myself are a little odd, we say weird things, and we annoy each other. We are geeks, the socially awkward, and the undatables. We are not the lying boozing jerks that you see in the bar, but rather the guys who you believe stare at their computers all night.

Each of my friends are special though, and they are cool in their own way, but all of them grate on my nerves. I hate, and love each one of them at some point. They can play NES games on our old system with me at one point and then chant "Microsoft loves you" the next. We can be hanging out watching Cheers, and then in the next minute, they will say, "Get out of here there is a girl coming". One of them will tell me how five friends are coming into town to pick him up and how I can’t come even though he will be the only guy.

Perhaps the perfect example is when we were watching the Super Bowl, between the Patriots and the Rams. One of my friends turns to me and says in front of the whole room of us "You’re probably rooting for the Rams you loser." I stormed out of that room fast and didn’t talk to him for a couple months.

What is my point though? These are my friends, these are my buddies that I hang out with, and every time we piss each other off, we somehow grow stronger. Time after time we will find some way to annoy each other, and that just shows our connection, that we know each other's strengths and weaknesses, the good along with the bad.