This is a node that is going to annoy some people. This node is going to just make some people spit fire. That is not my reason for writing it. It is to share my feelings on this subject that we have talked about for the last year.

9/11 is now officially becoming a stupid holiday. We have concerts, fund, remberances, and commercialization, especially in the forms of television and print media. The thing that drives me up the wall is that all these people are making 9/11 into the Fourth of July.

The fourth of July was a holiday to celebrate the freedom and the independence of America's people. It is a day to shoot off fireworks, party, get a day or week off of school or work, and get drunk. How many of us actually reflect on our freedom that day, not because of a Tv program, or it is our job, but because of the day itself?

That is what I see happening to 9/11. I saw it the minute I realized there will be an anniversary. There is many examples of the commercialization already. First the "America remembers 9/11" stuff that has been fed to us for the last 11 months. Then I heard that the "American Idol” winner is singing a concert or something at the Lincoln Memorial. Just another publicity deal or a way to make money, I am just not sure. Now they are selling the "9/11" DVD which is the famous video from CBS.

How come all this commercialization is happening? Because greed is rampant compared to patriotism. Why? Because that is how we grew up, and that is why we had 9/11. Our greed and our pride helped cause this.

Why am I complaining? Well people in America aren't good Americans. They know nothing about their government, don't read the newspaper or care to, don't care about the country as a whole. Apathy for 9/11 rose before Christmas, and for many apathy rose before October. Apathy is what defines "new American". I hate how this happens. I just hope one day somewhere, the true American rises up, takes back the country and again works to help America and its people not just the supporters. But that is just for another day.