"Punch-Out! Featuring Mr. Dream" was the second version of the famous Punch-Out game made by Nintendo in 1990.

Your player is the famous Little Mac. Little Macs boxing trainer is Doc Louis. Doc Louis is the black guy who appears with Little Mac. In addition the referee might look familiar because its Mario. Mario is only appears when a knock down occurs and the begining of the round and is a little different looking but he is in Punch-Out.

There is the normal progression of fourteen fighters, which is the same as in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out except for the final boxer. The list is as follows

  1. Glass Joe
  2. Von Kaiser
  3. Piston Honda
  4. Don Flamenco
  5. King Hippo
  6. Great Tiger
  7. Bald Bull
  8. Piston Honda
  9. Soda Popinski
  10. Bald Bull Rematch
  11. Don Flamenco Rematch
  12. Mr. Sandman
  13. Super Macho Man
  14. Mr Dream

The game play for Punch-out is simple. The B button throws a left punch, and the A button throws the right punch. If the player gets a star they can throw an uppercut. The player can also dodge left and right and duck with the down button. There is also the ability to throw your punches to the face instead of body blows by pressing the up button.

The game was remade either after Mike Tyson lost his championship or after a few sexual assault accusations. The remade version is surprisingly similar to the original game. There is mainly only a couple differences. First the final fighter is no longer Mike Tyson but Mr. Dream. Then the game obviously no longer carries Mike Tyson's name at all. Most of the other differences are simplistic in nature. There is a new winning screen. The first Bald Bull is a little harder and Super Macho Man is accepts unlimited uppercuts.

The best site to see the differences are http://people.freenet.de/tomspunchout/versions.html which shows many of the various differences.