Lilith Sternin was the female psychiatrist that was often unseen even after she joined the cast of Cheers. Lilith was played by Bebe Neuwirth.

Lilith was often a cold closed off girl. Often she was teased because she had very little skin pigmentation. Lilith was often called ghost or whitey by Carla Tortelli. Lilith's first goal was her job, she never showed a hint of sexuality.

After Frasier Crane was dumped by Diane Chambers, when she went back to Sam Malone, Frasier was heart broken. Frasier was destroyed by the break up and stayed at the bar hanging out with the patrons. Frasier finally decided to have a date and his first date was Lilith. Lilith and Frasier had a rocky start but finally they fell in love.

Their relationship was one of strangeness. Two psychiatrists in a relationship produces strange results when each ends up analysing the other one. Both of them would often talk in an advanced analytical concepts about the most simple daily actions. After a couple years Frasier and Lilith were married happily.

Lilith soon was pregnant with a child from Frasier. While Lilith was pregnant her attitude changed from a closed off cold woman to a vibrant woman who's only care was that she was holding a life inside herself. When the child was born, Lilith and Frasier called him Frederick.

After a couple years later Lilith ran off with another doctor to an underground ecopod. The doctor was trying to prove a theory about close quarter relationships. They ended up an affair and it drove Lilith and Frasier apart. Lilith ended up with custody of Frederick while Frasier was able to visit him when he wanted.

Lilith came to visit Frasier a couple times on "Frasier" Frasier ended up sleeping with Lilith another time but decided not to rekindle their marriage as he felt it was all wrong