I just thought I'd note that the Genesis version is in many ways graphically and mechanically superior to the original. The space flight/combat engine is improved to take advantage of the Genesis' processing power, the result being highly similar to Star Control 2. With the use of a gamepad, this gives the whole thing more of a "video game" feel. It can be argued that this is a bad thing, as the overall "starship captain" simulation is weakened when you're worrying about the nuances of piloting.

The biggest flaws in the cartridge version are the fact that only two save slots are provided (as I recall, the battery on my cartridge was also prone to random erasure,) the awkwardness of establishing orbit around a planet (your first few attempts will be somewhat frustrating,) and the presence of the absolute WORST music and sound effects I've ever heard from any medium. Listen to the digitized voices for a good laugh ("rrrbrt rrrstrrrblrrrshd") and then mute the television.

Overall, we could've done with a worse adaptation, and this port takes wonderful advantage of the technology provided. Except for the sound. They weren't even trying with that. Ugh. Nonetheless, if you haven't played Starflight in any form this is probably your best bet at finding a used copy (or at emulating it, you evil, evil person.)