This gun name in full is Steyr AUG A1. The gun has a weird shape, more of curves and splines opposed to the usual 7-shaped rigid guns. Here's some details I remember last time I used such a cool beast.

Manufacturer: Steyr
Cost: $3500
Ammo Per Clip/Ammo Held in Weapon: 30 rounds
Max Reserved Ammo: 90 Rounds
Special Weapon Function: 1.4x zoom
Power: High
Range: High
Accuracy: High-Medium (Bursts)/Low-Medium (Full Auto)
Ammo: 5.56mm slugs (30-round mags)
Reload speed: Medium
Cyclic rate: High

Overview: One of the most powerful counter-strike weapons, the AUG is accurate and very deadly, if you've got the money, you're a CT and don't feel like the M4A1, then choose this gun.. Perfect for long range combar, whereas the M4A1 is most Close Quarter Battle oriented. This kick ass weapon has a zoom, but don't try firing it at full auto!

But personally this is one of my favourate assault rifles. It is very accurate. When I first used this gun, it looked like some weird Star-Trek ship! - well, Leynos said that.

Nice gun with scope ;) There's nothing much else you can say about it, except that it's one nice piece of sharp-shooting gun.