~~~ 3pm ~~~

I am so happy yesterday when I finally recovered my lost partitions. No thanks to Partition Magic 6, but thanks to Christophe Grenier's 300k program 'TeskDisk'. Now am fully vendicated back with my 10GB MP3s/music videos/personal archive.

Also, today was the day I received a letter. This letter was my placement with my summer job here in Edinburgh. Guess what? It says that I have to attend an induction meeting (telling info about where to go, what time job is, etc) at 9:30am....... yesterday. What the fuck? Shite! That's not good.

~~~ 5pm ~~~

Today one of our top buildings on campus got struck by lightning! as I was told by my fellow flat mate who just came back. The thunder and lightning was so loud above you it would make a cat jump out of it's skin! Well, it was bloody loud, okay.