~~~~ 1630hours ~~~~

I was at HobbEs party last night at his flat. The occasion was his going away party coz he's just completed his finals. I didn't really fancy going coz I wouldn't know anyone there, but what the hell, he is my friend.

It was my first time in Jeffrey Chow's (HobbEs) flat. It was quite small. In the living room where lots of strangers. There were:

  • Jeffrey (completed degree guy)
  • Ben Werdmuller (Jeff's flat m8)
  • Sanna
  • Sarah
  • Jen
  • Iain
  • some guy with glasses
  • some guy from the previous Goth party
  • Mrow Joe & that other chinese guy
  • that other guy with glasses
  • Katie (Ben's gf)
  • 3 spanish girls + 1 spannish guy
  • oh, my friend Robert H. (who I knew only)

Apparently, all these girls met Ben through IRC chatting. I thought it was a co-incidence since that happened to me and Susanna (my sister). Also, some of these girls knew my sister through IRC aswell. Ben Werdmuller was the guy who I spoke to on the phone back in 1998 talking about Computer Science in Edinburgh University (coz he was doing 1st year, and I was going there). I never manage to met up with Ben, even though I tried hard arranging meetups, etc. through email. It was until I met HobbEs through the interest of Counter-Strike. I brought up Ben's name, and HobbEs said, "yeah, he's my flat mate".

Sanna was the one who had interesting hair with purple and blue half way down. Sarah goes to Napier and had a tattoo of a seahorse.

Weird things had been happening. Mrow Joe and Robert H. were trying to do a remake of the Tobasco sauce drink cocktail. After the third attempt Mrow Joe made an excellent, Vodka on bottom, seperated by Tobasco sauce in middle with Archers on top. Everyone tried it.

Robert H. ran out of Archers. He then experiementally used a large portion of Red Wine, Tobasco, and vodka. Gen wondered into the kitchen.
"would you like to try one of my cocktails", Robert said.
"what is in it", Gen curiously asked, peering at this mysterious red, yellow and white drink.
"red wine at bottom, tobasco sauce and vodka on top", Robert pointing at the ingredients.
The girl took a swig. Suddenly she exclaimed as if she was on fire. "that's ,.....er good" and ran away (probably to the toilet). Robert just realising how much strong red wine and tobasco sauce was in that glass.

Though that didn't stop Robert H. He tried it himself, carefully, with not too much red wine. His next weird cocktail was cappacino ice-cream, redwine and vodka. He went into the living room and offered it to Iain (who was sitting on that comfy chair with girls around him. Next thing I saw was the drink was all over his T-shirt.. which he just bought that day. Red wine appeared on the living room carpet, which was not a nice sight.

The food was quite interesting. The usual munch's were around. They made home-made salmon on crackers, etc. Vegie hotdogs, burnt crisps, fried irn-bru, fried marsbar, etc. Very Scottish!

Next weird things happened... dark red lip markings started appearing on all the guys faces... not to mention other parts of their bodies, like bellies, knees, elbows, and other anatomy parts you can thing off. The girls were all going mad and putting on more dark lip-stick to put more on us!!! Also that other guy started trying to eat Ben.