Today (or yesterday) I was awoken & terrorised by weird continuous thumping noises from the above floor, even though that gave me only 2 hours sleep. I was frankly pissed off. Though trying to dose back to sleep, eventually... Woke up late in the afternoon. Ran to Pollock and finally paid my flat rent.

In the evening I went to the CompSoc's End-of-Term meal at The Apartment. It was really nice. Really nice steak with fries, which Susanna kept on nicking. Dessert/sweet was extortion. You pay £3.60 for a tiny ball of ice-cream on top of 3 eclair balls, when you could buy a huge tub at Safeways for £2. Though they did make a wierd arty drawing impression on the plate using chocolate sauce. There was:

  • Mark Miles (nine9)
  • Paul Hamilton
  • Alex
  • Nicolas
  • Leynos
  • Iain
  • Kate
  • Susanna (my sister)
  • Bruce
  • Michael Eng
  • and me
Interesting evening with the usual CompSoc conversations like, the smell of washing up liquid, how do you define what spring washing up liquid smells like?, and why the cup's in Star-Trek look like massive pyramids. etc Plus why have different flavoured shower/shampoos/washing up liquid when it's all going to get washed off anyway???

Kate started talking about wanting to watch an Alien film and wondered why there were two different boxes (Alien & Aliens). Also she brought up horrible topics like the 'brain part' in Hannibal, eatting alive insects and the insects trying to craw back up your throat (which scared Mark), etc. There was the usual bendy spoon entertainment (which scared Mark).

Came back to labs (KB Centre level 3) to play Counter-Strike. Leynos did an all-nighter stay, well until his next bus at 6am. Mrow-Joe (who is currently sleeping beside me), is sleeping on his keyboard and there's random ascii garbage text on his screen.

~~~ 6:52pm ~~~

I am frankly pissed off today because I just lost 8GB worth of personal files/archive/mp3s/music videos, whatever. I have a 10GB physical hard-drive which is partitioned into 3,3,4GB parts. I keep my OS and programs in primary C, personal archive in D, and mp3s, music videos in E.

My C drive was getting a bit messy and thought it was about time to do a format C: and fresh installation of Win98SE. Curiously I had these old "teach yourself Chinese" CDs that needed old version of MS-DOS. So I thought to give them a try by installing MS-DOS 6.2 + MS Windows 3.1.

On booting up MS-DOS 6.2 first installation disk, a weird blue screen comes up saying it needed to 'configure C: drive' for me. Knowning that MS-DOS 6.2 works on FAT16, I let it continue.

Afterwards, and the labourous installation of good ol' Windows 3.1 then my sound drivers then my CD-ROM drivers... I began playing with my cool chinese CDs... only to find out that they were all garbled characters and I realised you need chinese fonts (or chinese windows).

After not understanding a single word I thought it was time to get back to Windows 98SE. I formated and reinstalled. To my surprise, where the fuck did my D and E drive go??? Basterd MS-DOS 6.2 wiped my partition tables the old basterd!

Please, if you have any ideas on how to get my stuff back I would be very grateful