It was a '65 Plymouth Valiant. In his own words:

The fire started in the left rear wheel well and spread throughout the car, burning it out completely. My 'valiant' attempts at extinguishing the fire did not succeed, and the whole car was engulfed in flames in a matter of a few painful minutes. I publicly blame it on Osama Bin Laden, although I am beginning to suspect that it's actually society's fault for not providing me with enough meaningful opportunities as a youth.

The towing cost $70, and they gave me $75 for the burned-out hulk. Five bucks, that's slack, jack!

From the wreckage I saved a towing cable, the battery, a pair of shoes (which miraculously survived the interior fire), three tapes, four shiny hubcaps and my Ramones license plate frame.

He loved that car, man.