On this date in 1876, Alexander "gangsta" Bell patented the telephone.

I have a small picture of Michael Armstrong in my wallet. IS THAT SO WRONG?!

Moving on. Yesterday morning I went to Networld/Interop in Darling Harbour for an NFR demonstration, then left to eat lunch at Mae Thai on Pitt Street. If you're anywhere near Chinatown, you should eat there, and try the cashew chicken.

I returned to the Networld conference to see Gil Shwed give a keynote talk at 1500. Mr. Shwed is the President and CEO of Check Point, as you may or may not know...and I had a prime front-row seat, whence I threw sundry undergarments. Not really.

Shwed has an OPSEC agenda, and thus his main point was the importance of a security infrastructure. He said that there is a blurred distinction between the "inside" and the "outside," and that perimeter security is not enough. He stressed VPNs, and said "unleash the power" four times, whether it was unleashing the power of connectivity, or the Internet, or Pokemon. Okay, he never mentioned Pokemon.

2/3 of their sales are VPN servers. They have over 10 million VPN clients. It's a fact!

Today (to be timely) I'm studying for my third certification test. I just can't get enough! I also drank a short black, in a daring shift from the flat white, and nearly gagged.

This weekend we may go to a wildlife park to see indigenous beasties, and since Sydneysiders can't seem to go a fortnight without some kind of parade, we may check out the St. Patrick's Day drama on Sunday for a few minutes. And if simonc would extend this fraptabulous get-together thing (what the hell is fraptabulous?) before I leave....ahem....

I hate conference ho's.