Today I'm studying - rather, was studying until I logged on here. Sheesh. Tonight is the The Great Sydney Fraptabulous Everythingian Get Together at the alleged Bar Beyond. I wish I had one of those Richard Nixon masks to wear.

La Vida Loca?
Yesterday we had lunch at Cafe Nine, somewhere in Chinatown. The service is excellent there, which really stands out in Sydney, where you get one drink at the beginning, eventually, and are expected by the restaurant to ration it out over the course of your meal and god help you if you run out and want another. Want water? Priority 0. And don't bother waiting for the check - it won't come. Pay at the counter. We did have to listen to an entire Ricky Martin CD at Cafe Nine, but that's all right. The scotch fillet was unbelievable.

In other news.....

The Sydney Suburban Train Network is Pure Evil

Last Saturday my better half and I bravely attempted to go to the Featherdale Wildlife Park, about 40 minutes from Sydney towards the Blue Mountains. Such fools we were! So innocent. Such naifs.

We left from central station, in Chinatown. The train was supposed to go directly to Blacktown, with stops in between. That's what we were told by station employees, as well. Got that? Central to Blacktown, with stops in between. What happened was this: Central to Parramatta (almost to Blacktown). Train stopped, we stayed, and the train went in the direction from whence it came. We hadn't really been paying attention until this happened. Parramatta to Granville. Granville to Fairfield. Fairfield to Granville, and then! and then we discovered that the western line wasn't running to Blacktown, that we would, at least on that day, have to take the bus. To Blacktown.

Well, piss on that. No way were we taking a bus from Granville. We just wanted get the hell off the train. So we took it back to Central and had lunch at Mae Thai again, on Pitt Street. Later that day we passed out and slept for three hours.