Missed my doctor's appt. today, on purpose.

The heat index was 100 and there was an ozone warning. It's nice out right now, though. Working third shift means that I can go out for (brief) walks in the dark, while it's pleasantly warm and not oppressively hot. Then, unless I have pissy, obligatory things to do, I can go home and stay out of the sun. Aside from that, I only have to deal with these day shift assholes for no more than 30 minutes a day, if at all. There are several that are just unbelievably annoying and of course they have to fuck with me. It's like I'm on the goddamn school bus again. And I let them to to a far enough extent that I'm disappointed in myself, which I can't stand. So I'm resentful towards them for fucking with me, and I'm critical of myself for being such an amoeba about it. And I get uncomfortable at work and question my locus in the company and everything else. (Maybe I should question a locust instead. "Think of me when you look to the night sky...")

This brings to mind a quote (from a Mark Leyner book):

"Because of these murders, the whole Tai Chi community
is very tense. And we hate being tense. And we hate
ourselves for hating something. And we can't stand the
anxiety that brews in the self-hatred. So we're all
really unbalanced."

All right, what else. We watched John Hughes' voice-over of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which was pretty thorough. Last night I ordered Season 1 of the X-Files on DVD. After that (you can tell what an overachiever I am), I read more Koontz. His Christopher Snow series, Fear Nothing and Seize the Night, rocks. A good distraction from Cisco foo.

Hm. I saw a shooting star or comet or one of those Iridium satellites blazing down near the airport on the way to work. I made a wish. If the fez ever becomes a Senator, you have me to thank.