Signed the lease this morning and nabbed a cookie. Apparently the management at the new complex bakes cookies every day. We'll probably be like that guy from the Saturn commercial who came in weekly with some phantom car problem just so he could scarf a jelly doughnut. "Uhhh, yeah...I think we have a poltergeist? I know we didn't notice on the initial walk-through, but I don't want to be charged later on. Maybe you could send maintenance over to have a look." :::scarf:::

Later on we went to Linens n' Things to pick up a couple of towels and a shower liner. Holy shit, there were just too many towels there. We were disoriented, like Mr. Anderson from Beavis and Butthead in the Home Depot-esque store. "Hello? Hello?" At one point we nearly sat ourselves down to cry, but one of the employees said she used the Big n' Soft Royal Velvet and liked them. If it weren't for her we may not have made it out. Y said "maybe we should look at the bathroom again first." Hell, it's just a bathroom. I wasn't about to get avocado green towels or anything. Eventually we made out with two silver-ish bath towels, a shower liner, a pack of bamboo paper plate thingies, and 4 bubble sets. Whee.

Then I donated some bookshelves to Habitat for Humanity, dropped some stuff off at the PTA thrift store, packed up the rest of the clothes, and went to sleep.