One more day before Vega$. I have stopped looking up fatal crashes and FAA fines.

A brief and incomplete list of things I'm taking with me on the plane: EIGRP materials, a pair of those fuzzy eyebrows/big nose glasses, water (anything but Evian), and freeze-dried miso soup..

Today I must pack, vacuum, and sleep. Wow.

I'm considering taking a more James Ellroy stance in regard to my journal.

Reasons why I must chill:

  • I feel a raging, one-sided competition with someone who I think is an imbecile and completely unworthy of the certification that he's pursuing. He is taking two (out of four) tests next week for it. It infuriates me, and it unfuriates me that I am infuriated. Refer to Why my co-worker, "Bob," is an idiot. But if it makes me slack less, than so be it. Again, I include one of my favorite Mark Leyner quotes: "Because of these murders, the whole Tai Chi community is very tense. And we hate being tense. And we hate ourselves for hating something. And we can't stand the anxiety that brews in the self-hatred. So we're all really unbalanced." I have to become a totally centered zen master, like, now.
  • I hate it - really hate it - when someone sits at my desk and moves any of my papers even one centimeter, or puts something large in the trash can by my desk. Or leaves a fingerprint on the screen. Or moves my Lego vehicle.
  • My stress goes to my stomach. Immediately.