I think that I've left myself logged on for about two days straight. Oops.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. They filled a small cavity and did a revolving camera-deal to get a cool photo of my teeth. I don't know if anyone remembers, but I recently had a root canal and underwent a seemingly infite crown procedure. So now it turns out that I have a wisdom tooth that's pointing sideways, which means it's impacted, which means they'll have to break it, which means that I will be in misery yet again. This is scheduled for August 7th. I'm going to take advantage of that and the following day spent incommunicado by taking my car in to the mechanic for a full check and to put on new front brake pads. He has mad skillz with VWs.

The dentist's daughter was there looking in on her mom and my mouth. She just graduated with her undergrad degree and is going to spend the next nine years getting her doctorate in dental surgery, just like mom. Together, they made me feel like a TOTAL SLACK-ASS LOSER. Both of them in the same room was just too much for me and I was relieved when the daughter went elsewhere. This was not a dissimilar feeling to the one I had the other day, lstening to an acquaintance talk about her Fulbright scholarship to Italy. Pffft !!

And yet more about my dentist: she went off an a tangent about Deepak Chopra, and how he says that not judging and not labelling leads to a quiet mind. Essentially. I'd say going a freaking month without several shots of local anasthesia leads to a quiet mind.

Even more exciting Dentist stuff: I bought a Sonicare Pro brush there for $100.

Four more days of work before Vega$.