I work the midnight shift. There are usually only a few other people here, and they sit in a cluster down the room. I sit apart from them, as that is my nature, being a misanthropic, surly mf. I keep my own counsel, you know? And this feet-dragging, gum-chewing stale pastry of a girl hired to work the phones comes in at 0600 and sits at the veal-fattening pen over the wall. Being a surly mf, I asked if that was her desk, and thank Ken, she's filling in for someone this week and usually works the afternoons. Aside from that, the day tour is shall be moving to a different section in the short-term future. So I can calm my surly ass down and wait it out. But I was staking out new, farther-removed territory the second her ass touched the seat.

There's been a storm most of the morning, so I went outside. The lightning was like varicose veins in the sky

(If that's not the worst simile you've ever heard, I'd like to know what is)

Earlier it was shooting down from the sky like normal but then it began to flicker and snake parallel in small, random areas. Anyway.

My car stereo still doesn't work, and I've spent a lot of time driving my car around lately, so I keep trying to think of entire songs but usually fail miserably. Why don't I know any complete songs? There always seems to be one stanza that's missing, so I keep repeating the same one or two stanzas like I'm rainman. Maybe I'm just tired.