I sit here, working and studying, and my mind is mostly focused on work stuff...then I get up for more coffee or water and I slip into BaronCarlos mode. I am also wrassling (wrasslin'?) with certain hypotheticals, like going back to school for more, and the variables involved. What a pain in the ass.

Also, my glasses broke again over the weekend, and this is after a piece came off of the right side. The top center of the right-side frame just broke, and the lens fell out. I used to not like wearing glasses, because I had been wearing glasses since the third grade and christ on stilts did they contribute to my harrassment factor. I took down names, motherfuckers, but you're all selling insurance now, anyway. So I wore contacts, but starting November 99 I took to wearing glasses again. Now I hate wearing contacts but I get my glasses back today (under warranty, yay). Did any of that make sense? I should go back to work.

Later on I'm getting the rest of the stuff from the old apartment. I still drive about an hour to get my mail, though I've been phasing things out for a few days now. The people at the 'old' mailbox place are so amazingly nice, but not fake-nice, cool-nice. I still plan on writing to the HQ to laud them. I also need to buy a good coffee maker. I drink coffee like a fiend at work, but not at home, and I get a bitch of a coffee headache about once a week.

does anyone else read their dead father's horoscope?

I ask myself :

Will you heed my plea to atone for your sins and correct your mistakes before you're forced to?