A beautiful woman, tall and lean, laughs and tosses her straight, mahogany-colored hair. It falls to the small of her back. She is with a man who is older, and who is flush with ephemeral vigor. His voice is deep as he draw her attention to his latest acquisition, the tapestry on the wall. It is an extraordinary piece, unique and priceless. With one small, Tango-like step to the front of him the woman insinuates her right thigh between his legs and draws her nails gently down his back as she whispers something in his ear. They turn from the tapestry and go into the master bedroom, where she cleanly kills him with a knife. You know this, you do not see it. You do see her egress, calm but quick, the soft tapestry wrapped around her body.

You are sitting in a circle of people, outside, in the dark. There is a fire in the center. A monk in a sand-colored robe is going to each person in your circle with two large, flat rocks, also sand-colored. Water is running from the rocks, and the monk looks frantic. It is your turn, so you do what the last person did - collect water with your hands from the rocks and drink it. Just then you notice the woman buried to her neck in the ground. The monk ceases his work. Hhe goes to her and lifts her head off her body several inches to pour water onto her.

I also dreamt that Y did the dishes.