When you and at least one other co-worker tour the desks of other workers, ideally in other divisions, floors, etc.

There are amusing and mysterious things to see, like photographs of SOs, spouses, children. Most of these are baffling and/or disturbing. There's one with the guy, his wife (who looks like a cross between Barbara Bush and a butter substitute), and his son, a blonde, six-year old Robert DeNiro clone. They are all wearing matching denim shirts. I won't mention how many times we've brought that up.

Some people have rocks with psalms on them, which I think they'll use as a deadly weapon for the next heathen that dares say "goddammit" within earshot (I'm in the Bible Belt, here...). Others have comics, usu. The Far Side. There's nothing too weird or fun here.

So you and your co-workers stroll through the aisles and check out calendars, mugs, photographs, things that people are reading, eating, etc. Mostly you make fun of their pictures, assemble some magnetic poetry, or look in their fishbowls. The desk tour can only be properly done in the middle of the night when you can say "Look what they married" with impunity.