Speaking of personae, I need to borrow some of MoJoe's personality. I feel like a ghost on E2.

Bell Atlantic (okay, Verizon) workers went on strike. Everyone concurred at work this morning that we wouldn't really notice a difference in repair service. And I clipped this from Reuters, which I thought was hilarious:

As workers walked off the job shortly after midnight, managers took over their responsibilities, said Verizon spokesman Eric Rabe. During the strike, about 30,000 Verizon managers will monitor the phone network and repair problems.

I shall be spending my two days off work getting one impacted wisdom tooth broken, then yanked out. I am developing a numb, laissez-faire attitude to major dental work. Now I think, oh, another two hours with the dental surgeon. Years go by with no problems, and then within a few months I get a root canal, a crown, and a wisdom tooth extraction (no, I haven't had any wisdom teeth yanked before). Not to mention a filling. Christ, I'm falling apart. It seems as though I spend most of my time flossing.

I really dislike my co-worker "Bob." I think I've mentioned that before. His mere presence, or when he mentions something like policy routing, or prints something out on a certification, makes me clench my jaw, because 1) he's obnoxious, and though some people think he's worthless, most act like he's their fucking hero, so all these dudes consistently come over to talk to him, and 2) he's racking up certifications, and tests for certifications, but he doesn't know fuck-all. This, of course, taps into my insecurities about not racking up tests for certifications. This is the wrong attitude and I should obviously not care. Oh well.

I am also mulling over going back to school. One of my co-workers - one of the few I had respect for - used to dog me about going back. He's whip-smart, but had flunked out of a couple schools and went to several before getting his math degree. He came here as an intern (the first one ever) and quickly ascended to godhead status in operations/tech support. Anyway, he told me to go back as soon as possible, that I shouldn't let another semester go by. In fact, he was considerably more fervent about it than I, and was not unlike Coleridge's ancient mariner.

It wouldn't take long to finish, but I'm nervous about being out of the field, even for a short time (my degree is in English with a focus in creative writing - not English with a focus in routers). Also, I can't work as much as I tend to do and go to school full-time. Other people can, and that's swell, but it just wrecks me. I can't obsessively tackle, say, time-based access lists when I have shit to do for school. Something's got to give, so I think that I should extricate myself from this place before late August so I can start in the fall. It'll be weird, but probably better for me. Then, when I'm finished, I can get a better job with a Bob-free company, yay.

Sheesh, it's already the sixth, so I'd have to give my two-week notice...right about now. Ergh. I'm nervous.

Anyway. Today is my self-imposed deadline for getting two important birthday gifts. I'll be studying for a few hours, as well. And I may have time left over for BSD foo.