Got free tickets to the Duran Duran concert. Why the hell not? (answers: lawn seats. imminent thunderstorm.) It was free entertainment before we even saw the band. Nearly everyone was drunk on what looked like Thunderbird, was obese or unhealthy-skinny with lip-dangling cigarettes, and there was a consistent long line for those deep-fried flaps of dough and sugar they call funnel cakes. Thunderbird, Marlboros, and funnel cakes. :::::shudder::::.

We stayed through a few new songs and a few old songs, then we left just as it started to rain. Great, but it started pouring, too, and the ground had inches of water by the time we were 1/3 of the way back. We had rainjackets on (most didn't have anything and were holding sheets over themselves) but our jeans and sneakers were soaked, regardless. The guy who gave us the tickets wanted to go, but didn't feel up to it, and stayed home to watch TV. I'm sure he was glad that he did.

New, random people at work. There's one guy - here on temporary assignment - who has a GNU, BSD, and Apple sticker on his car (the hell?). He worked for a while, but got on the phone with a friend and talked to him about shit that he shouldn't be talking about in the workplace. I don't care if it is the graveyard shift - you shouldn't have semi-loud conversations about how you slept with someone's sister. Fuck. These people need to spend some time in the Air Force.

Aside from that, there is yet another person at work who sits near me and likes to play N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Both guys. It drives me insane. I try and I try to be a totally centered Zen master but it I want to beat them both with a two by four. There's also a guy who comes in at 07:00 and coughs like he's tubercular. Okay, it's more of a dry cough, but it's very fucking annoying. Ever hear of Robutussin, asshole? Ricola?

More coffee.