I left work this morning only too happy to not be dealing with the lot of Verizon until tomorrow, not to mention people in general. ISDN was once again the bane of my existence. But it's a consistent trouble, so I keep reading up on it. Frick. Debug dialer, layer 2, layer 3, events, ppp chap....etc. It wouldn't be so much of a pain in the ass if it didn't come in all the time.

Anyway, I left work in a good mood with thoughts of doing something good, so I wouldn't feel like I was missing out on life by sleeping after work and then going to work again. My notions were nebulous, however, and after grabbing a doughnut and filling up with car's tank, I just drove home, still not knowing whether or not I should do something, and what. Also, Y wouldn't be back yet. Then my inspiration faltered. At home I flossed, folded the laundry, read more of Zen in the Martial Arts, and stood outside for a minute. It's kind of funny in a way. If I had slept more than four hours last night I might have had more endurance.

The maximum lift-to-drag ratio of the World War I Sopwith Camel was 7.7. If the aircraft is in flight at 5000 ft when the engine fails, how far can it glide in terms of distance measured along the ground?

Are you diversified?

What I enjoy is tarantula racing in Arizona!

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(I miss you, love.)