song in head: build me up buttercup. (why?)

So, about 900 T3s went down last night in Verizon territory. Hmm. I wonder how that happened?

The gross person isn't sitting at my desk anymore! It's amazing how loose cables can deter.

At work, there is a red fingernail at the bottom of a stairwell. It's been there for days.

Someone photographed my tattoo at DEFCON, and now I'm sort of worried about the whereabouts of said photograph. Is it pinned up in his cubicle? Is someone else going to get the same tattoo now? Maybe he's just into math. Sheesh. I worried about it at the time, but what the hell.


I've said too much already! /me looks around furtively......

Y left for two days. :(
I'm going to sleep.