Ophie's home node made me chuckle.

Who says chuckle? Am I the only one?

This is my weekend (I have today off of work) and I have done absolutely nothing except look around in car classified ads and watch CNN: a looping stream of sobbing Koreans, the Russians trapped in the Kursk, Hilary Clinton being annoying and kind of scary at the Democratic National Convention, the 83-year-old woman who drove off a 595 bridge in Ft. Lauderdale, landed in a swampy mangrove patch, and wasn't found 'til three days later....and the Montana fires. I should probably turn it off.

I took my car in to the garage yesterday because the window was stuck down halfway. Turns out that each window has a computer and it has to be replaced, of course. One of the back windows has been stuck all the way up for months now, and that has the same problem, but since it's $350 a window, I think I'll just do the front one for now.

i hate this car i hate this car i hate this car. But I found a mechanic to replace the bastards at the other place.

CNN has been terminated...at least in my apartment. I hate TV anyway. I watched it to see if there was anything more on the Russians, but they just keep rehashing the same info.

I'm going to tear myself away from this stuff and study.