It's a song by JWL if you didn't know.

"All we are saying is give peace a chance"

It really is a great concept! Give it a chance and it'll work out.

Unfortunately I don't see it working out at all... there are some people who thrive on misery and if the world were suddenly a happy cheerful place where everyone were able to love everyone no questions asked then someone wouldn't be happy. In order for it to work everyone has to give it a chance... and a few people out there just wont!

I'm a modern hippie, as the definition sometimes applies anyway. I'm into peace and love and all that kind of stuff... but unfortunately my other half is a realist or pessimist if you desire that... and world peace and human emotion are mutually exclusive... So it's nice to dream about... and I really wish it were possible... but we're all doomed to be forever in turmoil. Because People Suck(tm)

Sorry John... some poeple just aren't quite grown up enough yet. Thanks for the effort though!