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avoid eating fruits or nuts. you are what you eat. - garfield the cat
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on may 22nd, 1983, the heavens opened up their arms, and there came a wonder of the universe. Her name was kendrah, and she was proclaimed to be the second coming of jesus. in girl form. but then, when she was about 14, she discovered this attraction to the "the fairer sex", and said "eff that" to the whole savior thing. Then she did the high school thing and was pretty disappointed with the politics of, and was glad when it was over. now she works in retail until she can pay to have her car fixed and get a better job. she wastes her free time reading, writing and taking pictures, usually using her narcissistic self as the subject. she also spends way too much time posting on message boards and joining various member websites.

later, she wants to go to college and illustrate children's books or have her own comic strip or book one day. but dreams are dreams for a reason, so who knows?