It has occurred to me, in showing the new computer users in my family how to use a computer, that one of the most basic heuristics I use for getting help when I don't know how to do something on a windows-based system is simply to right-click on everything in sight, and see what I can see.

Given that, it seems like it would be a good idea (and this references my general rule of thumb that stuff ought to have instructions which cater to the needs of those most likely to need instructions--for example, the way one gets help on basic things ought to be clearly visible right away, and there ought to be a slightly less accessible way of making the basic-level help go away) to have the right mouse button on mice intended for use with windows to be labeled "Help," specifically because, to those who need it, this would be helpful, and to those who don't, it seems easily ignored, and mars the utility of the mouse in no way. Thoughts?