OK, first one should understand a few basic principles regarding the differences between a static IP address and a dynamic IP address. Simply put, a static IP is assigned to you by a provider or site admin and doesn't change, where a dynamic IP is assigned on connection by a machine you connect to via DHCP, and is almost guaranteed to change when your connection drops. This is common amongst many ADSL connections, and particularly on dialup internet access.

A "sticky" IP is something to the effect of about halfway between these two points. The IP address is dynamically assigned, however has a tendency to stay around - either because your connection is hooked up via a router (most common on ADSL connections), or because of some weirdness in DHCP that causes the IP address to be bound to your connection (common amongst cable modem installations).

This is more trivia than anything, since your typical user doesn't care what their IP address is, let alone the type of IP address it is. They only care that they get connected to the internet.