Derogotary name for the Nike check-mark swoosh logo.

Rather than just the sweatshop labor type of insults usually hurled at Nike, it seems like "swooshtika" refers also to the ubiquitousness of the logo, the unavoidability of the brand. You cannot escape from it. It is on buses, billboards, on walking advertisements, as car stickers. Any major sports event on TV will probably have some athlete wearing clothes with the logo. Sometimes you can almost forget that Nike's real business is supposed to be overpriced shoes; the Nike brand almost seems to be turning into an American version of Hello Kitty WRT branding. Combine this with the whole sweatshop thing, and you have inspiration for this nickname.

Net people have used this name to inspire doctored images like:

  • Four nike logos radially aligned, so it looks like a swastika
  • An image of Hitler with a swoosh mustache
  • Nike logo with the text "Nazi"
I'm surprised that nobody had noded this yet.