Hate to say "me too" but...

One of the coolest features of SimAnt is silly mode. Little speech bubbles appear above the different characters. What the ants are saying depends somewhat on what the simulated critter is thinking. There is enough of a variety of phrases that they provide some constant mild amusement. Some examples: (paraphrased)

  • Queen: "I gave up flying for this?" (she just sits around laying eggs)
  • Ant: "Mmm... tasty vomit!" (ants eat the vomit of other ants... see? It's educational... kinda)
  • Egg: "I'm going to be a worker!"
  • Worker: "I love digging!"
  • Soldier: "Better dead than red!" (i.e. red ant)
  • Red ant: "Saxon pig!" (when fighting a black ant)
  • Spider: "Mmm, tasty ant guts!" (when eating an ant)
  • Spider: "Stop running, it makes it harder for me to catch you!" (when chasing down a hapless ant)
  • Spider: "I don't like ants this much!" (when running away from a mob of angry ants)
The spider in particular has a lot of fun things to say, and the queen has many complaints about her boring life.