Some brief background on how this film was made:

Warren Beatty was originally supposed to make Dick Tracy with Fox, but Fox backed out of the deal. It still got made by Touchstone/Buena Vista, in 1990. (remember Madonna's Vogue?) But that didn't change the fact that Fox had broken their agreement with Beatty. He had reasonable grounds to sue them.

Instead, he made an informal agreement with Fox. They would give him a $30 million budget, and complete control over his next film. The film he eventually made under that settlement was Bulworth, in 1998. It probably would not have been made, otherwise.

I remember seeing this film and thinking, Uh oh, he'll never act again. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. I just noticed that he has only made one movie since this one. But that seems to be typical of Beatty; he makes a movie every 3 years or so. It took some guts for him to make this one.

Even though the plots are completely different, I think of Wag the Dog as a similar movie. Late 90's political satire, I suppose.