I had a dog vs. dead fish experience just a few days ago. The white American Bulldog I love dearly truly enjoys making a fool of himself on the beach. Unfortunately, most beaches are finicky when it comes to allowing dogs to enjoy the water along with every other kind of creature. So I took my beloved pet out to the beach by a giant power plant in the next town over.

It was extremely windy, and so the beach was deserted except for the dog, a friend, and me. And the dead fish, of course. But we didn't know about him yet.

Being the huge hundred-pound goofball that he is, the dog ran straight for the water. He waited at the edge of the lake for me, impatient as always. I ran into the shallows and jumped over the waves, the dog close on my heels. Usually he sticks close to me when we're in the water (he can't swim), which is the most common sense he has ever displayed, but that day was different. He took off down the shore after an invisible target after snapping at a few white foamy wave-tops.

I followed him to see what was going on. He had his head underwater, which was not that strange, but a little out of place. Soon he emerged, however, with the most disgusting, horrid, completely dead fish I have ever seen. He trotted over to me with his sideways gait, proud as only a bulldog with no intelligence can be, and dropped the fish in the sand at my feet.

Naturally, I squeeked and jumped back in horror.

The dog immediately started growling at the fish, and lowered his belly onto the sand. Next I knew, he was pouncing like a big dumb dog and hopping on the fish like he was going to stomp it into the sand. This continued for a minute or two, until he calmed down and took a step back. Then he proceeded to lick the fish gently, and finally turn his back on it and romp away.

In conclusion, dogs stomp on and lick dead fish.*

* My dog might not be the most valid example or normality.